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 KEDINs users are NOT the buyers.

Our business model is based on funding from people, organisations and companies who afford to help children with school supplies when needed. This means that besides the founders own investment with time, effort and money, external funding is required to be able to succeed.

For our very first product, we were getting help from a Swedish organisation in Hluhluwe, South Africa for prototype testing. We got the chance to meet children and their teachers, tasked them their opinions on how well our product meets the needs of the children so we can do adjustments to secure that it will be a product that will help teaching easier and home work possible.

Besides testing our current project, our goal is to define our next project, a product or service, to develop based on our new learnings once we get back to Sweden.


All donations are welcomed to make the prototype testing and production process as useful as possible.

All donations includes 25 % tax.

We are currently working without salary, and all funding for the prototype development will stay that way until we actually have a product to send to the children.

Leave your e-mail in the donation to receive news.

Donations via Swish are only possible in Sweden at this point. Please use form in Donation page for donation via PayPal/Credit Cards or contact us at for other options.


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